Friday, October 17, 2003

thats right i am

ha ha your so funny i have good grades now all i need to do is work really SUPER DE DOOPER hard!
u mean just like me

lol yeah right

derek had great grades too help him other wise he couldnt play just like me
me too but lets get back to the book

maybe more

i bet that aaron boone got payed 25,000 just for that game winning home run
gezze!!!!! thats so much. they sould pay us in our baseball league
and 1500 just to make a good play

it makes the game no fun. aprox. a-rod almost gets paid $1000 per swing that would be so cool!!
i would too! I mean money would be a good thing but still i don't like how people just play for money
o ya!!!!!! i thought he was like A-rod playong for the money but know that i know how hard he worked for what he is now. Im not blaming A-rod either because225 million dollars for a ten year contarct is alot a money. but if u are gonna play baseball make it for fun not for money. I play in th MLB right now for FREE! that would be awesome
10, I respect him a lot more now that I know about his life, don't you?
that part is good, so if u had to rate derek on his effort from 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 what would it be?? I would give a PERFECT ten as i said he work his toosh off
what part are you on now, im on the part where he talks about his friends dinking alot and how he never drank so he could play baseball. thats the way i want it to be just that my friends dont drink!

i like how he counted each and every home run he hit on the hill by his apartment
when he was a kid

i'm at the part where he is talking about how he respects maria for how hard she tried to forful her dream

ya really he worked his butt off to get as far as he is now!!
what part are you on now??

anyone wanting to be like jete has to practice as much as he did, no mattert how good they are

im relateing this to my life because i hope to go to the world series and win that would be so cool!! i have always wanted to be a famous baseball player like derek or namar. but i have to work hard like derek did

What are your relations to this???
I like the book so far and your right it does keep getting better an better

hey jordan, how do u like the book. I think its getting better and better. for instince he ent out with maraih carey i never would have gussed. Derek's dream came true again because the are going to the world series. Now lets see if they will win.


Thursday, October 09, 2003

when do u think drek jeter will retire? i say he will retire at 41

did you know that dereks mom was white, his dad is black, his uncle is a mexican and his other uncle is
a columbian
my connection to the book is that i wanna play on the highschool baseball team and the highschool basketball team too im not sure if ill be as good as derek jeter but I think ill make a good shortstop.
i'm in
What do you think of the book so far? I think the book is great! i never would have guessed that Derek Jeter would be playing for the highschool basketball team and make a shot (3-pointer) to win the game! that would feel great.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

my favorite player is bret boone

how do this relate to your life
how do this relate to your life
hes ok i guess but i think his boonie flip is so cool!!!
my favorite player is bret boone

my favorite player is bret boone

my favorite player is bret boone

my favorite player is bret boone
my favorite player is bret boone
duh ramon not ramon
no y
we are talking about the book ha ha!! Ive always wanted to be in the major leagues and win the world series my fav. player is Ken Griffey Jr. he inspired me to play baseball. whos ur fav. player???
do u know why his name is nomar?

I think we should talk about the book
ha ha!

oooo i dont like a rod i choose garciaparra
oooo i dont like a rod i choose garciaparra
probably a rod
ya oops
the george steinbrenner?

ur making it no fun
Just choose someone

the goergestien brenner thingy
i don't realy know who I would choose.

what part do you like so far?
i would choose A-rod
ya me too, he made 56 errors in his first year of single A ball
if u had to choose between A-rod jeter of garciaparra who would it be?
I like how he tells about what he does every game.
the books good? :)
Do you like the book so far?
hows the book?
i think he's a baseball player
deek jeter is a famous shortstop who plays in th MLB (major league baseball) player plaing for the yankees.
deek jeter is a famous shortstop who plays in th MLB (major league baseball) player who plays for the yankees.
who is derek jeter?

Tuesday, September 30, 2003


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